DIY Wood Tray Ideas As A Part Of Rustic Home Decor

Wood tray is one of those kitchen items that are available in almost every home. It is also very handy because it not only serves the purpose well but it looks very stylish and classy. The good thing about this is that you can make this easily at home too. For this, you only need to know how to use the simple tools. But in case if you are not very well in cutting the boards then it’s better to take help from some experienced person or local hardware store rather than wasting time and material. Following is the material required for making a wooden tray.


  • 4 Pieces of 1x4s
  • 2 pieces of 2x2s
  • Nails
  • Paint
  • 2 cabinet pulls having little longer screws.

Steps to Follow
If you want a rustic look then you need to sand the wood pieces well. Especially you should focus on sanding the edges to make sure that all of these are of same length. Now you have to line up all your peace in such a way in which you want your tray to be. But make sure to keep upside down so that when you nail these the nails should not be visible. Now hammer the nails, it’s better to use nail gun if possible.

With this, your tray is assembled and now you are required to paint it. You can select the paint color of your choice. Mostly white color is preferred as it looks great and gives a beautiful look to your wooden tray. Whatever paint you choose, you should make 2 coats and let it dry for a better result.

Now you should attach cabinet pulls. This is an easy task if you have to attach these from front side, but otherwise, you need to predrill the holes for better finish. Good luck!

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