15 DIY Christmas Wreaths From Unexpected Materials

Christmas holidays often come with joy and happiness. This can be emphasized with a bunch of DIY Christmas wreaths to make the holiday complete. The design to choose from when it comes to putting a Christmas wreath on the doorstep should be the best and most unique of them all. We will look at some of the designs one can choose from when it comes to making one.

A simple square Christmas wreath can be crafted from collection of twigs from the outdoor environment. The twigs will need to be slender in size but long enough to join together at the corners. This is the simplest project of them all as every material will be available at almost free price. A few marbles will be essential during the construction and a colorful paint too.

A snow man shaped wreath can also be a unique DIY Christmas wreath idea on the front door. All what is needed is some natural branches having leaves and two thin twigs that will play the role of the hands and two red scarfs, one at the top of the head as a Marvin and the other on its neck.

A red ribboned wreath will also come in handy as it does not require a lot. Only the kids shoe tying skills and a few ribbons supported by a wire might just do the trick after all. Carefully tie the ribbons together along the wire with the shoe laces and avoid the laces from appearing outside the open spaces.

The next simple DIY Christmas wreath will be a crafty rag wreath. Simply but very challenging to make. This wreath will require the perfect skills of cloth tailoring as it will involve so many knitting of pieces together and an artistic art of combining different colors of materials together. A simple note might be added at the center of the wreath to add style to it.

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