18 Almost Crazy Christmas Tree Ideas

A Christmas tree in the living room will be made beautiful if the kind of lights chosen to be hung around it is correct and bright enough.
Whether real or artificial, the Christmas tree can be made an outstanding piece of art by having some Christmas tree ideas to put in practice. An ornament of Christmas marbles will be useful when decorating your Christmas tree. Hung from the top branch down to the bottom part of the tree, colorful marbles will ensure the tree look full of life.
Christmas lights purchased from the store will also play a key role in decorating that favorite Christmas tree. One of the Christmas tree idea is to carefully roll your line of arranged lights in a spiral form from the top of the tree up to where the tree has got less branches or no branches at all. Make sure that the lights are made from LED components. This is considered because the LEDs will be hard to burn out and often they come with a wide array of different colors to choose from.
Gifts should be placed at the bottom of the tree where the stem stands. As a Christmas tree idea, the gifts are placed in that position to act as a supporting stand for the tree itself and also heavier gifts wrapped with boxes seem not to have a better position to be placed. Lighter gifts which are inside a Christmas stockings can also be hung on the tree leaves because they are not heavy and will also make the tree look more beautiful.
A star shaped object known as a tree topper will finalize the decoration of the tree. This object can be made from a piece of cardboard or even glass material. This star will represent the star of Bethlehem.

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