Amazing DIY Kitchen Island Ideas

Are you looking to have a stylish and functional kitchen island and you are worried about it being pricey, then you are mistaken. There are many beautiful DIY kitchen island ideas through which you can create an amazing kitchen island. You can easily create this by repurposing old furniture. Following are some easy ideas in this regard.

Bookshelf Island
This is a great option because you can use an old bookshelf as kitchen island, which will not only help you in preparing your food but can also be helpful for storing cookbooks and other reading of your interest. You can also ask your child to do his homework while using this kitchen island.

Scrap Wood Island
Another DIY kitchen Island idea is to create an island with the help of scrap wood. This will not cost you more than $30. You just have to get some scrap wood with 2x4s. You can make two shelves for storage and also some faux drawers.

Dresser Kitchen Island
If you have an old dresser available with you, then why don`t you convert it into a kitchen island. You can easily do this by attaching wheels to move it easily. The second thing that you need to do is to paint it to match the color of your kitchen.

Barn Wood Island
You can use old barn wood to create a stylish kitchen island. It will not cost you a lot but will surely look attractive. You can make two shelves for storing pots and dishes as well as a handy towel bar.

Cart Island
When you are searching about DIY kitchen island ideas then making a kitchen island of vintage cart. For this you can easily purchase a vintage cart from garage sale or a resale shop. After purchasing it you can refurnish it as you like and choose the best countertop for it to give the most stylish look.
These are few simple and easy kitchen island ideas that you can create on your own without spending a lot of money as well as time. Good luck!

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