20 DIY Copper Projects For Metal Lovers

Copper is a metal which is not hard to find unlike gold, diamonds and the rest. Both copper and other precious materials are used in the making of ornaments. We are going to look at some of the DIY copper projects which you can be able to make without having to go through a lot of trouble.
Some of the projects you can attempt may include making of jewelry, homemade decorations, high quality copper plating among other things. Copper can be used to make both the necklace and bracelet tubing. While making this type of decoration, you will need a number of tools to aid in the construction. It will include a hacksaw, a measuring equipment and a wire to join the whole tubing in place.

Choosing to make a pressed penny bracelet as a DIY copper project, not much of the materials will be needed. One does not need to be a jewelry maker in order to complete this task. Ear rings can also be made by only using copper as the main raw material. A stylish ear ring doesn’t need to have complex details rather it needs to be as simple as possible but with a unique design. The only materials which would be needed will include a copper wire, a measuring material, a stopper and a template to use.

A jewelry holder can also be crafter from the copper wires. As a DIY copper project, carefully design a holder which is stable and firm. Materials can be reinforced from bamboo wood to make the appearance more beautiful. The holder will be used for storage of other delicate ornaments and even your copper ear rings will also find a home in the holder. These are just but a few DIY copper projects which can be found interesting at home.

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