17 Cool Ideas For World Map Wall Art

A world map wall art can be beautifully made in numerous places of a house or building. However, there are several steps that have to be carefully followed in doing so. These steps include:

Scaling the Map
One can get a map online then print it on a paper depending on the size of the world map wall art to be made on a particular wall. A rectangle should then be drawn around the map representing the edges of the finished painting then the rectangle cut into transferable grids of the divided painting that are to be used later on. The paper should then be cut to match the proportion depending on the size of the wall or surface.

Paint the Water
Use any desired colour mixed with water depending on various earth tones and use any sponges or old clothes to apply different creams and browns on the surface, which is the entire map grid representing the land.

Stencil Map
After the paint dries up, use adhesives that are clear to shelf line and cover the surface. Also, ensure that the edges of the surface firm and immovable and then use the map grid to transfer the grid onto the surface maintaining accurate scaling, which were earlier made when cutting the paper to match the proportion depending on the wall size or surface.

Cut the Stencil
After the world map has been outlined, a sharp object such as a razor blade can be used to cut out the continents. Pull the off the surface and proceed to paint the continents. Different colours can be used depending on the theme of the entire room or surface.

Trim and Hang
After all has been done, the rough edges on the world map wall art can then be trimmed off and nailed on the surface or framed and hang.

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