16 Marvellous Topiary Ideas

The word topiary is not common among many people. It is simply a way to give proper shape to the hedges and trim them in a perfect manner. This art of giving proper shape to the hedges is quite popular in all over the world. The homes with large parks and gardens are based on hedges. For an appealing look, the right shaping and trimming of hedges is necessary. Exterior is a huge factor in creating curb appeal when it comes to selling a home. Some of the given topiary ideas can be helpful for you to give an ideal look to the garden of your home.

The highly-sought after characteristic is the privacy provided by bushes and hedges. Therefore, you should keep it mind not to cut higher length of bushes.
One of the suggested topiary ideas is to grow as much grass as you can over the bushes. The green bushes look more attractive as compared to the ones without leaves.

The flowers grown over the hedges enhance the overall look of the boundary. Many flowers can be grown on the bushes i.e. jasmine. It would make the atmosphere fragrant and keep the environment refreshing.

The length of hedges shouldn’t be too long as well as very short. Most of the experts suggest topiary ideas by focusing on the exact length of bushes. The tall bushes look like a wall while short hedges don’t provide full privacy to the residents.

All of the given tips can help you to design the bushes and hedges of your house. These bushes can’t only provide full privacy but also make your garden eye-grabbing as well. The topiary ideas are also provided by the expert gardeners. It is suggested not to cut bushes by yourself if you didn’t do it before.

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