15 Inspirational DIY Decoupage Furniture Ideas

DIY decoupage furniture ideas can include anything from furniture to custom kind pieces creations. In this way you can add a new look to your furniture with fabric and enhance personal style. In you are keen in upcyling or wish to refinish your old furniture, you may consider decoupage.
DIY decoupage furniture ideas are about the technique that is suitable for people who can use paper cut-outs and decorate objects. It needs a person to be creative and is appropriate even if your drawing and painting skills are minimal.

Some excellent tips to enhance your diy decoupage furniture ideas include:

Choosing object well: As decoupage includes gluing of paper cut-out pieces and pasting on the objects, your project must have flat sides, so think of tables, cans, boxes and frames.

Prepare and paint: Begin your project on a smooth surface. Consider painting the background color and then paint using a matte paint. Bear in mind to allow it to dry fully before decoupaging. If it is already painted, you can decoupage it, but ensure the piece is dust-free and clean.

Choose paper: You may choose the right paper as this is the best part. The crafting style papers are available in numerous types and so consider the theme while choosing papers. It helps in having a suitable color scheme. You may consider lightweight fabrics or it also is great to decoupage using lace.
Cut paper: Use sharp scissors and do it with patience. Cut each paper carefully, sharp the edges to have a realistic and crisp design.
Arrange design: Using the paper pieces, arrange the design, spend quality time to see the pieces looks right.

Decoupage the design: Use glue and decoupage by gluing the pieces to the object. Use a sponge brush while applying glue and smooth out imperfections, if any. Allow it to dry.

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