15 DIY Plastic Spoon Craft Ideas

Do you support green living? If your answer is yes, this is right way to initiate supporting green living. You can do this by not throwing plastic in open air. Instead try plastic spoon crafts. These are the utensils part that is available in plenty in each house and now it can be a beautiful decorative object even after optimum use.

Making a mirror is one of the plastic spoon crafts that is simple and looks amazing. Collect plastic spoons in a bunch, cut a cardboard box, keep it on a table or on the ground flat. Decide a diameter for the mirror. Ascertain all the spoons ends are cut off and the spoons are clean. Glue your spoons on the cardboard. Maintain equal spacing in patters. In the final row that is the inner row; cut the ends so that it gives a oval shape.

For more fun there are plenty of plastic spoon crafts, if you wish to indulge. In this way you can be creative and make gifts or teach others to support or promote green living. Use the plastic spoons and make easy party planning. These spoons are very cheap and useful if you wish to show your creativity. The plastic spoon projects can delight you and you can make from toys to home décor.

Using the plastic spoon is fun to do and offers lots of fun. Some of the ideas using plastic spoon includes headband embellishment, brooch, pendant, and more. It also makes wonderful wall décor. You can do chrysanthemum clock using the plastic spoons.

Begin by cutting a foam board for a clock base in a circle shape. At the back keep space for the battery insertion and maintain a circle on the top so that you hang your clock. Cut spoons for decoration on the circle and run a quick trial.

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